The Catholic Education Committee

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The Bishops’ Conference of Scotland is the permanently constituted assembly of the Catholic Bishops of Scotland. To promote its work the Conference establishes agencies, the most important of which are termed ‘Commissions’. The Catholic Education Commission is one such commission, with a remit to advise the Conference of Bishops on all matters pertaining to education. Between meetings of the Conference, the CEC will also respond to immediate problems by taking decisions or issuing a statement in its own name.

The CEC has a wide and large membership, representing every Diocese and every aspect of education. The following are executive members of the CEC:

President: Rt Rev Joseph Devine, Bishop of Motherwell
Chairman: Mr Brian Bonnar, L.L.B.
Vice Chairman:  
Field Officer: Mr John Oates, M.A., B.A.
Secretary: Mr Joseph Byrnes, B.Sc.

Offices of the CEC:

University of Glasgow
St Andrew’s Campus
Duntocher Road
Glasgow. G61 4QA
Tel: 0141 943 0494