Parish Ministries/Group

Church readers
This lay ministry is held in high esteem by the Church.  Before Vatican II only men who had been ordained to this Minor Order were allowed to read at Mass.  Since Vatican II the Church has allowed lay men and women to proclaim God’s Word.  A number of parishioners participate in the celebration of Mass by reading the first and second readings, Responsorial Psalm and Prayers of the faithful. This contributes greatly to the celebration of Mass. Recently young parishioners are taking a more active part and contributing by reading at Mass.  If you would like to become a reader please contact……..

Children’s Liturgy of the Word
This group has been established for over 25 years and allows children to participate in the Mass using sensitive adaptations of liturgical celebrations, tailored to their own level of understanding.  They are encouraged to discover and develop their own faith by sharing Gospel stories and relating them to their own lives. Children attend immediately before the start of Mass and return at the Offertory Procession.  All ages welcome.

St Mary’s 300 Club
The 300 Club is a weekly draw with a maximum of 300 members.  Members are allocated a number/s at a cost of £1 per week per number.  There is a weekly prize of £100 and the winning number is selected by a machine on a random number basis. When all the numbers are taken the draw makes £10,400 net.per year which helps to pay the insurance premium for the church. Members choose how they wish to pay ie. Weekly, 4 weekly, quarterly, annually (including standing order). At present there are spare numbers available and new members would be very welcome.  Please see one of the collectors if you would like to join.

St Mary’s Monday Club
The club has been in existence since September 1993.  It was founded by Parish Priest Fr Gerry Doyle and Sister Clare McGurk, both now deceased. The purpose of the club, which is focused on the over 60’s, is to provide senior parishioners and members of the wider community with a means of social interaction, recreation and all the other advantages of the club. The club has a membership of 70 and there is frequently a small waiting list.  Members are drawn from all sections of the over 60 community and meets fortnightly in St Mary’s Clubrooms on Monday afternoons.  Activities include entertainments, bingo, raffles, speakers, outings etc.  Afternoon tea is served by the committee. Throughout the years (now approaching 25) the club has proved very popular with the members, as demonstrated by the numbers involved. New members are always welcome.  If you would like to join please contact the parish and ask to be put in contact with a St Mary’s Monday Club committee member.

St Mary’s Ascent Group

The Ascent movement exists to enable older people to come together to show that our task as Christians is never over. We come together in friendship to pray and deepen our understanding of the gospel, to discover Christ's message for us at this stage in our lives, by sharing our experiences, joys and sorrows, following a programme of guided scripture study, reflection and prayer.The objectives of the group are: spirituality, friendship, mission  The Ascent group meets monthly on a Monday evening 7.30pm until 9.30pm, in St Catherine's. All welcome

Contemplative Prayer Group
St Mary’s Contemplative Prayer Group practice contemplative prayer and  reflect on our faith together in a prayer-filled environment.The purpose of our group is to:

  • Experience our faith together as something personal, alive and active
  • Reflect together on the truths of our faith
  • Act together in the proclamation of our faith
  • The aim of this process is the creation at diocesan level of a platform on which we can together reflect on what it is to be Catholic in our diocese today
  • encourage everyone to have a voice in our diocese and together under the guidance of the Holy Spirit meet the challenge of proclaiming the Good News of Christ in our contemporary society


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