Arranging a Funeral

The following information is provided as a guideline to help you with your funeral arrangements in the Parish of St Mary’s.

It tells you some of the things you have to do, and matters that need to be considered. Many of these can be done through the Funeral Director.

However, it is very important that you contact the Parish Priest as soon as possible before making any arrangements with the Funeral Director. You should then contact a Funeral Director. The following are locally available:

Ian Brown, Funeral Services, 101 Lanark Road, Carstairs 01555 870287
Co-operative Funeralcare, 22 Bannatyne Street, Lanark, 01555 666644 
Henry Dorricott Funeral Services, 10 Woodstock Road, Lanark, 01555 666620
Andrew Ironside Funeral Services, 2 High Street, Biggar, 01899 220602

All offer a 24-hour service.  It is best not to delay contacting them.

If death occurs in a hospital or nursing home, the doctor there will issue a Medical Certificate stating the cause of death. In some cases the family doctor will do this from his or her surgery. The nursing staff will be able to advise. Sometimes when the death is sudden or unexplained, it is reported to the Procurator Fiscal. When the Fiscal's investigations are complete, you will be notified and issued with a Death Certificate.

Registering a Death

The Funeral Director cannot register the death for you. You - or a relative, executor or legal representative - must register the death. This must be done within 8 days, but preferably as soon as possible, and must be before the burial or cremation takes place. Indeed, no other arrangements can be made until the Medical Certificate is issued. The death may be registered either in the registration area where the death occurred or in the area where the deceased normally resided. It is necessary to contact the registry office to make an appointment.

When registering a death:

You will need to take with you:

The Medical Certificate. (Form 11 from the doctor.)

The deceased’s birth (and, if appropriate, marriage certificates) and 
also their medical card, if available.

Pension books, if applicable.

The Registrar will give you:

Form 14 (free of charge). This should be given to the Funeral Director.

Form 3344SI (free of charge). This should be given to the Department of Work and Pensions.
(Speak to your Funeral Director for help and advice on financial help for Funeral expenses available.)

Death Certificate (to be paid for). This is required for pensions, insurance and banking purposes. Further copies of this can be obtained at any time in the future as required.) 

The Funeral Director will be able to help and advise you with the above. Arrangements which concern the Church are made directly with the Parish Priest.

Arrangements to be made with St Mary's Church.

If you wish, the Rosary can be said each evening in the home at a time to suit the family. A decade of the Rosary can also be said immediately before the remains are removed to the Church. You may have someone among family and friends of deceased who will do this for you. 

Readings for the Requiem Mass are from the Old Testament (First Reading) and New Testament (Second Reading). The priest will make available a selection from which the family can choose. The family can supply the readers (one or two) for the Mass but if this is not practical, the Parish will provide a Reader.

Offertory Procession
You may decide to involve family members in the Offertory Procession. Please discuss the Offertory Procession when making Funeral arrangements with the Parish Priest

There are normally 4 hymns sung at a Funeral Masses:

Entrance hymn; Offertory hymn; Communion hymn; Recessional hymn.

Every effort will be made to accommodate your appropriate choice of hymns.  At the Requiem Mass all music used should be sacred music.  Please consult the parish priest about hymn choice and arranging an organist.

There is limited parking space in the church grounds.  There are parking spaces across the road in Morrisons, it should be noted that this is restricted to two hours.  After Mass, mourners are asked to allow the hearse and 'official' cars to be the first to leave the church grounds. Others should then follow the cortege to the place of burial or cremation.

For further information Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.